Live edge Hardwoods LLC and Live Edge Furniture Design LLC was a natural progression in the woodworking industry from me. In the earlier I went to a vocational school taking 4 years of woodworking 26 weeks a year of shop time. Then there was a lull on my end after school and I picked it back up going full time into furniture and cabinet making. I have always loved the beauty of wood. During this time I would purchase woodworkers collections of wood and resell and re purpose for myself some of it. Then I got into the slab thing, at first it was just having someone else cut and now we have three mills running and a full time wood shop working as well on the slabs for customers.We also offer saw milling services on site. Not mobile.

We offer many different species right now from the US mainland to Hawaii to Costa Rica. We have the room to display 500 slabs indoors that are kiln and air dried.